We aim to deliver the strategic capital to keep the world connected.

IPI Partners

IPI Partners is focused on the growth of digital infrastructure to support organizations around the globe. A joint venture of ICONIQ Capital and Iron Point Partners, IPI leverages the combined leadership, strategic experience, and visionary global network of its sponsoring firms. ICONIQ Capital is a privately held investment firm that advises select families and organizations. With approximately $54 billion in assets under management, ICONIQ Capital seeks to identify those places and spaces where tech disruptions make way for scalable opportunities. Iron Point Partners manages a series of real estate private equity funds with approximately $6 billion in capital commitments and deep experience in data center operation and ownership.

We buy, develop, and operate data centers and other connected assets in the digital economy’s core markets. Our platform is differentiated by our extensive industry relationships, data center expertise, development capabilities, and partnerships down to the local level. Our proprietary network aims to enable IPI to identify opportunities where the growth of data drives cloud demand, and to connect with key decision-makers to solve the needs of enterprise users in the technology sector and beyond.

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